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Fat Transfer

Extension of the technique of tunnel liposuction to many fields has led to multiple applications, such as the injection of the fat aspirated, with encouraging results. If you are interested in fat transfer, also know as fat grafting, we consider it necessary to offer you some information about the procedure.

Benefits of fat grafting / fat transfer

•  To fill depressions
•  Defects after adipoaspiration
•  Post traumatic defects
•  Congenital depressions
•  To improve contour in breast augmentation or in other areas (buttocks, calfs, lips)
•  To face ('filling in' wrinkles in nasolabial folds, peribucal area etc.), no more artificial fillers !!!

The fat transfer procedure

The technique could be performed isolated or in associations with other surgical procedures. The fat liposuctioned is achieved from the thighs (internal part) or from the internal part of the knees or abdomen with a small cannula and a syringe, through an incision of approx. 0.4-0.5cm. These small wounds are not closed and undergo spontaneous healing.
The processed fat is then transferred to desired location. The fat is removed from an area of excessive fat and handled with great care to keep the cells intact and not to disturb the cell structure. Uninjured cells are better retained by the body at their sites in implantation.
Lipotransfer is one of the most exciting new cosmetic surgery techniques in which fat is removed from one area and then injected into other areas of the body. Then, fat from one area can be placed to another area. It gives a soft filling effect, unlike other filler substances. The advantage to this procedure is that over time the grafted fat becomes permanent.
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N.B: This website has been prepared to give a basic understanding of the procedure before a consultation takes place, and to encourage and answer many of the questions frequently asked about this type of cosmetic surgery. Final decision not made until an individual assessment take place.


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